Privacy and Security

Promoting human rights poses certain risks and sometimes requires that you circumvent attempts to suppress your right to free speech.  The resources listed below can help you staff safe and digitally secure, and protect your privacy.

Always remember that no computer system is completely secure and that taking reasonable precautions at all times is essential.

Security & Privacy

Security in a Box has information in many languages on tools and tactics for your digital security (Encryption, Firewalls, secure   email services, and much more)

How To: Private Browsing (IE, Chrome, Firefox)

Protect your security in cybercafés

Surf Anonymously with Tor

Onion Tor Privacy Device - physical protection from snooping. Build it yourself or purchase.

Overcoming Blocking & Censorship

How to access blocked websites using




VPNs: Recommended for when you’re in a public setting or using a unknown or insure WiFi

Great Sites

Security In A Box

Other Providers and Organizations

Committee to Protect Journalist

Human Rights