What is it?

Movements.org is an online platform that links human rights activists in closed societies with people around the world with skills to help. Movements is aimed at activists and individuals dedicated to defending and expanding human rights.

Why use it?

Movements.org links those who need help with those who can help. It’s a tool that makes life easier for dissidents and harder for dictators.

Is this platform secure?

No online platform is completely secure. That said, we have gone to great lengths to try and protect your personal privacy. We are working with some of the top experts in the field who share and appreciate your concern for digital security. It is important to maximize safety online and only share personal information with people you trust.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes. When you register, you can create any username you like. If you send a private message or post a comment, only your username will be shared. Make sure you don't use your real name as part of your username if you want to remain anonymous.

Are users vetted?

We try to review all requests to join Movements. If a user provides information such as their Facebook or LinkedIn page we give them a "star" rating according to how much information they provide that we can confirm.  This process may take us a day or so to complete. If you would like us to take a second look at a profile, contact us at info@movements.org.

How does the Movements.org rating system work?

When a new user joins Movements, we review their digital presence and try to confirm their identity. The more information (social media accounts, website, bio) you add to your profile, the higher your Movements Rating. Five stars indicates that we know you, have spoken with you, and trust you.

How do you choose the countries listed on Movements?

We use Freedom House's list of "Not Free" and "Partially Free" countries. Of these, we are currently focusing on those countries with populations over 5 million. Given limited resources, we have chosen to focus on the largest dictatorships. As Movements expands, we look forward to helping smaller unfree nations. We focus on closed societies because citizens of democracies have means to redress their human rights problems through voting, free speech, independent judiciaries, and a free press.

What am I allowed to post?

You may post anything that addresses a human rights abuse. Keep in mind that requests for advice, contacts, training, services or knowledge are much easier to address than those for equipment and other hardware that would need to be shipped internationally or would involve import/export restrictions. See our Acceptable Use Policy.

Is anything off limits?

Anything that incites violence, terrorism, xenophobia or intolerance. Individuals who belong to organizations that advocate terrorism, racism, or violence are not welcome to post. At this time Movements also does not support requests for donations or monetary transfers.

Is the board moderated?

The Movements administrators reserve the right to delete any offensive or inappropriate posts.

Does the Movements team help?

The Movements team reviews posts that come in. If we know an individual or organization that could respond, we reach out to them. As part of the process, our Community Managers may send you a Direct Message asking for more information or clarification.