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We ask Social Media companies to delete Ansar Al Islam who incite killing Secular Bloggers.

This is Ansar Al Islam tweet from their official twitter account claiming responsibility for killing the latest Secular blogger. Their lists are being publicized all over the internet. This is their letter of who is next. Who’s Next? Presently, our next targets are as follows: (1) Those who insult or vilify Allah, the most High, our prophet Muhammad or the religion Islam. We are not targeting every atheist bloggers. We don’t have problem with other religions or beliefs but we will not tolerate anyone insulting prophet Muhammad. We are targeting those who are insulting our Prophet in the name of Atheism, Free Speech or Free Thinking.Ansar_Al_Islam (2) Those who protect, help and support the above mentioned insulters financially, ideologically or through organizations. (3) Those who don’t allow others to follow the rulings of the Islamic Shariah: -He/she might be a teacher of a University, College or School. -He/she might be a leader of a certain area or locality or a political party. -He/she might be a Judge, Advocate, Engineer or Doctor etc. (4) Those who intentionally misrepresent Islam in their writings or talks in order to take the Muslim community away from Islam which is one of the major agendas of the Crusaders and Indian Mushrikin. -He/she might be a well known writer. -He/she might be a poet or free thinker or so called intellectuals. -He/she might be an editor of a newspaper of magazine. -He/she might be a actor, journalist, producer, director or actor etc. (5) Those who oppose the Islamic Shariah by their talks or writings or show insolence towards it or insult it. (6) Those who are engaged in spreading nudity, obscenity and shamefulness in the Muslim society. Note that, there is a huge difference in the Islamic Shariah between doing something haram (prohibited) personally and trying to spread it in the society. (7) Those who are making vicious moves to remove the remnants of the Islamic Shariah from the socio-economic system of the country. (8) Those who are actively trying to extinguish the light of Allah Almighty from this land. In short, the Mujahideen will target, by the permission of Allah, every apostates and enemies of Islam who are trying to insult Allah Almighty, our prophet Muhammad or the religion of Islam by any means. Innocent Muslims are never our targets. We seek refuge to Allah Almighty from these sins. Innocent Hindus-Buddhists-Christians who don’t have enmity with Islam, are not our targets either May Allah, the Lord of the worlds, punish his enemies in the hands of the Mujahideen and heal the breasts of the believers. May Allah make the Islamic Shariah victorious in this land. Certainly victory comes from Allah alone and He is our only helper and guardian. We worship none but Him and supplicate to Him alone. All praise belongs to Allah, exalted and glorified is He and peace and blessing to our beloved prophet Muhammad. Mufti Abdullah Ashraf. Spokesman, Ansar Al Islam. (Al-Qaidah in the Indian Sub-Continent) 17th Maharram, 1437 Hijri/31st October, 2015 AD.
Policy Expert
Elections & Democracy
Free Speech/Free Press
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