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The Daily Beast: Blind Injustice - The Impossible Defense of an Accused 'Atheist' the Saudis Want to Behead

"GAZA STRIP — It’s been a bad year for Saudi Arabia’s public image. An unusually large number of death sentences and executions have sparked outrage from rights groups and activists across the world. The latest controversy comes from the case of Ashraf Fayadh, a 35-year-old Palestinian poet whose death sentence was handed down for charges of apostasy on Nov. 17. [...] Fayadh’s case is the latest in a line of public outrage. Recently, Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, 21, a member of the Shia minority, which comprises between 15 and 20 percent of the Saudi population, is awaiting a Roman-style (in the imperial sense) execution, sentenced to both beheading and crucifixion."
Read the full article by Creede Newton here:

What can you do to support political prisoners in Saudi Arabia? ACT now!

Start a campaign to help Ashraf Fayyad:

Support the release of the poet Ashraf Fayyad:

Join the #SueMeSaudi campaign:

Tell the UN to take action:

Read the statement of his mother and share it with the media:

Watch the interview with this father:

Stop the cruxificion of Ali-Nimr:

Get in touch with Daniel Arshack to support Waleed Abu Al-Khair:

Spread the letter from Al-Khairs wife:

Take action to support Raif Badawi!

Contact Raif's wife:

Directly contact a US presidential candidate:

Ban arms sales until Raif is free:

Launch a social media campaign:

Publicize Raif's sentence:

Translate Raif's wife's speech from Arabic
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