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Seeking publicity for our new mobile game - World Knockout: North Korea

World Knockout: North Korea – Mobile game for iOS and Android World Knockout: North Korea is a game for IOS/Android-compatible devices which will be released very soon. World Knockout will allow gamers to have fun and simultaneously contribute to edgy political satire. The object of the game is to beat back loyalist soldiers, kill Kim Jong-un and prevent North Korea from launching an all-out nuclear war! The game is a tour de force of Kim’s North Korea. You will confront Kim Jong-un and beat him up from level to level. If you win a level, you advance to the next, getting closer and closer to your final objective – the confrontation in the NUCLEAR BUNKER! Can you prevent our final doom or will the ultimate victory go to the Supreme Leader? Unique game-play will give you hours of frenzied fighting. Haven’t you crushed enough candy? Haven’t you flapped enough bird? It is time to put up your dukes and take a swing for freedom. Team Knockout wants you to sweat it out in intense fights. World Knockout: North Korea features: Amazing gameplay – fight for freedom Intense fighting action – freedom is never easy to defend 10 challenging levels – A tour de Force of North Korea 5 different weapons – choose your favorite 5 different power-ups – A little help can’t hurt Funny Cut scenes – Showing the infuriating dictator at his worst And more… About the creators David Weiss: From his humble beginnings in the patriotic cradle of Boston he has always been concerned with freedom. He openly wept during the proper moments in movies like The Patriot, Born on the Fourth of July and of course during Bill Pullman’s stirring speech in Independence Day. He fully understands what taking on Kim Jong-un and his evil regime means – months if not years in hiding and never having Internet security. He is willing to sacrifice these God given rights to make this statement. Dave’s 20 year career in software design and IT management is particularly helpful in bringing North Korean Knockout to the world. His passion, dedication and creative force is all on the line. Tim Snyder: Tim is a sincere guy who thinks he would make a good presidential candidate. He is a social activist and pacifist; thus it is no surprise that he took such delight in conceiving North Korean Knockout as the perfect alternative to all out nuclear war. When Tim is not trying to jump the White House fence, or participating in a sit-in with songs like “We Shall Overcome”, he is putting his 15 years of project management and product design skills to good use by creating freedom-loving video games. Nicolas Lozada: At some point ideas must become reality, and that is where Nicolas comes in. He graduated with a degree in Master of Visual Arts and Graphic Design, specialized in painting, illustration, character design and 2D animation at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. Check out the trailer for the game here:
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