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I need you to help me releasing the reports to be voice of the voiceless citizens of Iran

I hate those who support  the regime of Iran through vague apologist reports for governments against Iranian citizens. 
Today in Iran, many citizens especially marginalized ones (Arabs, Baluch, Kurds) are faced horrible risk in theirs life such as poverty, unemployment or inaccessibility of health services and medicines, educational facilities. 
Many Baluchs and Arabs have not even a shelter for their children; we see thousands of Tents and Ruined Houses in the Iran's border regions. 
I hate those HR Orgs and activists that founded and gained bombastic money and spend it in bad ways, not for humanitarian purposes.

#Arab #Baluck #Kurd #IranHumanRightsViolations #Doves #Geneva
Public Relations
Free Speech/Free Press
Minority Rights
Political Prisoners
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