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Media coverage for Saudi Woman who lost her scholarship

If anyone of you could help to convey her story to the United Nation to protect us from repressive Saudi regime, or know any international Press, please do so.

"We are so badly affected by the groundless decision to cancelling my scholarship which was supposed to include the tuition fees and the cost of living we should receive, leaving us completely destitute. So we have been abandoned from our country because we what we have in our minds. 

After more than one year from the conflict with the Saudi Arabian government, I was withdrawn from my studies at the University of Glasgow in Scotland in uk and my Saudi current bank account that we used to save our money into is frozen so I couldn't withdraw money to pay the bills, rent or even to feed my family anymore. We even ran out of money in our British bank accounts, hence I sold all my jewellery to pay the rent for February this year. And lastly I sold my wedding ring to feed my children, which really broke my heart, but it is for my children though. We could not work as well, as the British law prevents us to do so. " 

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