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Police and private security brutuailty, discrimination and human rights violation in Uruguay!

In June 15th 2016 Sander Dertop went to Antel’s (an internet provider in Uruguay) Maldonado office to apply for an internet connection to his house. While he was waiting in  line, he talked to his girlfriend and his mother on his phone in Turkish. The private security suspected that he was a  Moroccan terrorist and called the police to  arrest him. The employees kept him waiting for about an hour and while he was trying to understand what the hell is going on, suddenly he got beaten by the private security and police took him to the police station nearby. Without any questioning they put him in  the jail and kept beating. They broke his nose, put out his clothes, sexually abused and humiliated him inside before he went  unconcious. When he  went  into a shock, two people who told that they are from the from the human rights association took him to Maldonado Hospital ER. After 2 minutes of medical check-up, the police released him without any explanation and told him he is free to go because  they found nothing in his backpack but an application document  for internet and his passport. He went home with a broken noseand  bruises and blood on his face, legs, arms and his hands. 
The next day he explained the situation to his lawyer and when  they went to the police station to ask what happened in the day before they found out that there is not a single record on the police station that he got arrested and also nothing in the hospital records. But strangely the police gave the lawyer Sander's house contract which was in his backpack on the day of the incident. While the lawyer was trying to understand what  was going on, they saw an officer wearing a police uniform who told Sander the day before that he was from the human rights association. They tried to talk  to him but he panicked, ran to the police car and quickly  got away.
He went to the hospital with his girlfriend and the lawyer where they waited for 11 hours in the ER and doctors refused to help him because he is not a native Spanish speaker. They only  sent him to another hospital for tomography and when he came back they kept him  waiting and waiting. The only thing that the doctors said was that his nose  was broken but there  was nothing to do about it and he  had something on his brain but they insisted it  was not traumatic.  Without any medical attention he and his girlfriend went back home  but they found that the house's water pipes were attacked and cut by a sharp object and the main water valve  was broken. The couple,  afraid fortheir security, left every belonging  in their house and went to Montevideo airport to go back to their home country. On the airport they contacted  the Turkish Embassy in Argentina who told them that they are secure to go back to their home in La Barra / Maldonado. 
On the 3rd day some people from Uruguayan Ministry of Interior Affairs came to their house  to investigate what happened in Antel, the police office and the hospital . And the Ministry of Interior Affairs  told the couple that they would try to reveal this corruption and inhuman treatment as soon as possible and they can call them anytime for anything. Also they took them to the same hospital  to investigate what happened in the ER in the last 3 days. In the hospital with 6 people from the ministry of interior the doctors did nothing but kept them  waiting about 8 hours and again without a medical examination.  The exhausted couple asked to go back to their home to rest a little bit. 
The 4th day in the morning someone from the ministry came and took him to a forensic doctor who examinated him without touching his body and wrote a health report for his medical status. And still not a single medical treatment was given about his nose and his brain trauma. 
The following days the couple waited as they were told and nothing happened. Also their water pipes still weren't  useable and nobody came for fix them. .
On the 7th day, still nothing was explained to the couple and they tried to contact  the Ministry again but they give them only an e-mail address and told them they are out of the case. Also their Uruguayan lawyer got scared of the police and the situation because he  did not want to sue his own country , so he left them. 
Today it is 14th day and Sander still has a broken nose, an incredible headache and is not able to use his hands. The Ministry, the Police, Antel and the Hospital Maldonado are trying to cover the whole story and  refusing to give the security camera footage. The couple hit the news in their own country but the media in Uruguay is just silent and is refusing to report about it. There is  huge media coverage. Also  did you know that Antel is the biggest sponsor of Uruguay Police force here?
This is the country who tells everybody that they are the best in human rights. This is the country this couple fell in love at the begining. This is the hospitality of Uruguay. This is the corruption and you can smell the rotten system everywhere. No, this is not Gotham City, this is Uruguay! 
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