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Free Loujain and Maysaa

Posted by Samar
In Saudi Arabia all women are banned from driving. If anyone defies this ban, they are punished severely. Loujain Al Hathloul is a 24 year old woman who wants the Saudi Government to stop arresting women for driving their cars. She decided to reason with the authorities by driving up to the Saudi border from UAE in a car she owns and a valid UAE driving licence on November 30th. Everything on the UAE side went smoothly as they do not discrimnate against women regarding transportation.

When she got to the Saudi border and demanded to be let through, they confiscated her passport and made her wait in the car overnight while the Ministry of Interior deliberated what to do with her open defiance. 

Loujain communicated with her friends and supporters that she was cold and hungry. So Maysaa Al Amoudi, a Saudi woman journalist based in Dubai, took the long drive to get supplies to her. When Maysaa arrived at the Saudi border, she was ordered to park her car and wait. An hour later, both Loujain and Maysaa were ordered to drive their cars through into Saudi soil. As soon as they did, they found officers and prison guards waiting to arrest them.

Since then, December 1st, they have been in prison. As of writing this, their families were informed that both women will be held for at least another 25 days that might be extended to another 25.
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