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I need to spead awareness in international media on my jailed husband Hussain Jawad, in the Gulf Region

My name is Asma. I am 24 years old & a mother of a 2 years old baby boy. My husband Hussain Jawad was arrested, tortured & jailed two months ago.
My Husband has been working on many cases related to prisonoers in Saudi Arabia like Raif Badawi, Waleed Abu Al Khayer and the 4 princeses.
He is still imprisoned. He is a prominent human rights defender in the Gulf region & he is Chairman of European-Bahraini Organisation for Human Rights. Hussain was sexually harrassed during investigations & was forced to sign on false confessions under torture. I need help to create media pressure to release him. We need him to return home!
NGO Employee
Political Prisoners
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