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We are making North Korean Knockout, a mobile game

North Korean Knockout is a game for IOS/Android-compatible devices that is in the early development stages. NKK will allow gamers to have fun and simultaneously contribute to edgy political satire. The object of the game is to beat back loyalist soldiers, kill Kim Jong-un and prevent North Korea from launching an all-out nuclear war!

Our Kickstarter page:

Our game Website:

We are asking all true freedom loving people to get off the couch and fight.  North Korean Knockout is the first stop on the Knockout World Tour.  We will be going from place to place giving freedom loving people a chance to take a swing at some really bad folks.  

We are kicking off with one of the worst tyrants on planet Earth - Kim Jong-un.

Call to Action:  We need to make this game to show dictators and merciless downtrodders of free speech that we will make a game out of your ridiculous attempts to infringe on our rights and the rights of your own people.

We are looking for anyone who will spread the word about our game or engage further.  Contact us with comments or on Twitter @nkknockout.  We need financial backing too, come onboard and join Team Knockout and make a difference for freedom.  Imagine putting a game in millions of people's hands where they get their frustrations out all the while making tyrants look wimpy and knocking them down to size.

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